Satellite Packages Including HD & 3D Channels

Here you can see the packages which are available in our sharing service. Most of these packages are available through our local cards so you will benefit from fast and freeze free sharing.

Note that there are vast number of channels and packages which are not included here but they`re decrypted and available in our service.

Service: ActiveSky Deutschland (9.0E / 19.2E)
Service: ActiveSky UK SD only (28.2E)
Service: ActiveSky Italia (13.0E) – SERVICE DOWN SINCE 22/12/2015
Service: ActiveAkta (4.8E)
Service: ActiveAustriasat (19.2E)
Service: ActiveBis (13.0E / 19.2E / 5.0W)
Service: ActiveBulsatcom (39.0E)
Service: ActiveCS Link (19.2E / 23.5E)
Service: ActiveCanal Digitaal NL, DE (19.2E / 23.5E)
Service: ActiveCanal Digital Nordic SD & HD (0.8W)
Service: ActiveCanalSat SD & HD (19.2E)
Service: ActiveCyfrowy Polsat + VOD (13.0E)
Service: ActiveHRT (13.0E)
Service: DownNova (13.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: DownDigitALB (16.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: ActiveDish TV (95.0E) – NEW
Service: ActiveMBC HD (7W)- NEW
Service: ActiveART (7W)
Service: ActiveDish TV (95.0E) – NEW
Service: ActiveTaquilla (19.2E) – NEW

Service: ActiveABsat (13.0E)
Service: ActiveDigital+ SD & HD (19.2E / 30.0W)
Service: ActiveDigiturk Only few channels (7.0E / 42.0E)
Service: ActiveFocus Sat Moldova (0.8W)
Service: ActiveHD + (19.2E)
Service: ActiveHello HD (9.0E / 16.0E)
Service: ActiveKabel Deutschland (19.2E / 23.5E)
Service: ActiveKabelkiosk (9.0E / 19.2E)
Service: ActiveMTV Networks (13.0E / 19.2E / 30.5E / 0.8W)
Service: ActiveMax TV (16.0E)
Service: ActiveMediaset (13.0E / 5.0W / 12.5W)
Service: ActiveMeo SD & HD (30.0W)
Service: ActiveNumuriCable (19.2E)
Service: ActivePolaris Media (39.0E) – NEW
Service: DownTotal TV (16.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: ActiveNC+ SD & HD(13.0E)
Service: DownBeIN Sport HD (7.0W / 25.5E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: DownPrima Fila (13.0E) – SERVICE DOWN

Service: ActiveRTVi (13.0E)
Service: ActiveNTV Russian (36.0E)
Service: ActiveAll Adults (13.0E)
Service: DownOTE (9.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: ActiveORF Digital (19.2E)
Service: ActiveOrange France (13.0E / 19.2E / 5.0W) – NEW
Service: ActiveOrange Polska (13.0E)
Service: ActiveOSN (7.0W) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: ActivePlatforma HD (9.0E)
Service: ActiveRAI (13.0E)
Service: ActiveDigiTV (0.8W)
Service: ActiveRaduga TV (75.0E)
Service: ActiveRikkor TV (60.0E)
Service: ActiveSSR / SRG (13.0E)
Service: ActiveSky Select (19.0E) – NEW
Service: ActiveSky BoxOffice (28.2E) – NEW
Service: ActiveSkyLink (19.2E / 23.5E)
Service: ActiveTring Digital (16.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: Active2STV (16.0E) – NEW

Service: ActiveTV Vlaanderen (19.2E / 23.5E)
Service: ActiveTeleSat (13.0E / 19.2E / 23.5E)
Service: ActiveTivuSat (13.0E)
Service: ActiveTricolor (35.9E)
Service: ActiveTRK Ukraine (35.9E / 4.8E)
Service: ActiveUPC Direct (19.2E / 0.8W)
Service: ActiveViasat SD only (4.8E)
Service: ActiveSAS Ukrane (4.8E)
Service: DownVisionTV (4.8E / 13.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: ActiveZon Cabo (30.0W)
Service: ActiveSatellite BG Bulgarian (23.5E)
Service: DownYES HD (4.0W) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: ActiveXtra TV (4.0W)
Service: DownAbu Dhabi TV (7.0W) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: DownD-smart (42.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: DownDSTV Africa (36.0E) – SERVICE DOWN
Service: ActiveSun Direct (91.5E) – NEW
Service: DownCanalSat Reunion (16.0E) – SERVICE DOWN

Last Update: 15/01/2016